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WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

3 Telling Criteria To See If Your Website Is A Traffic Magnet That REPELs Instead Of ATTRACTS

February 6, 2010 by Alec  
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Traffic Magnet

Is your site a traffic magnet that repels instead of attracts?

  • Your Takeaway – a checklist of site qualities that don't suck

Every smart niche marketer online knows the following:

The more quality traffic your niche site has, the more profit potential you possess.

Notice that word.


It's key.

More potential, more profit.  Less potential implies useless traffic (visitors who have zero interest in buying what you're selling).

Your goal is to make sure when people visit your site:

  • They're intrigued
  • They're interested

In short, they want to learn what's in it for them to explore more.

Here are some points to keep in mind.

1.)  Be clear about your goal for your visitor.

This is subtle, because you do not generally tell newcomers, you're here, now buy my products.

Life doesn't work that way.

So when people come to your site, you want the main call to action to shriek at them, "Do What I WANT!"

At our site, the main things people see are:

Just about every destination on our site leads to an optin of some sort or another.  It might be the ability to become our fan, it might be our free tips, it might be our Twitter page, etc.

Do you see the power here?  Not only do we build our personal list, but we also broadcast out where our ideas can be found elsewhere on line. 

Viral marketing, word of mouth marketing, list building…it's all beneficial to use.

And it's beneficial to you as well.  So go back to your site and ask yourself, what do you want people to do when they come to your place?

Then put in the tools that make it reality.  If your website is not clear, it repels your visitor and does not attract.

More ideas can be found at:

2.)  Be confident but NOT stupid.

Visitors like confidence but they hate:

  • Being sold to.
  • Being confused.
  • Being bored.

Stupid niche marketers plaster cold advertising in every available spot on their site.  They make zero effort to engage the visitors' intellect, to spark the visitors curiosity about what they can learn, and the like.

Chances are, you are not going to make a sale from the first visit.  So you do not want to scare your visitors off.  Instead, you want to highlight what's in it for them to continue to explore.

Always showcase how your site makes their life easier.

More ideas can be found at:

3.)  Use clear, vibrant design.

You probably wouldn't hang out at a place that makes your eyes squint and your nose bleed, correct?

Your visitors won't want to put themselves through the agony of your site if it looks like it was designed by a rampaging over-caffeinated maniac either.

Click on the below cartoon to see the TRUE meaning of pain.

Design Hell

Lousy design repels visitors.  Period.

Some tips to help you design websites that don't suck include:

3 Critical Criteria To Tell If Your Website Is A Traffic Magnet That REPELs Instead Of ATTRACTS Recap

Your site design can increase your traffic or kill it.  We covered:

  • 1.)  Be clear about your goal for your visitor.
  • 2.)  Be confident but NOT stupid.
  • 3.)  Use clear, vibrant design.

These three critical ideas should give you quite a lot on which to focus. Go forth and make your site Steele Strong; if you have any questions, join our Fan Page and ask away.  We'll be happy to give your site a once-over.



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