Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

Our Disclosure

We promote educational resources, affiliate products and more

On our site, Marketing Steele, you will find links that boldly explore the Internet…some will bring you to products of which we are an affiliate, such as Amazon, Commission Junction, etc., while others will showcase sites of critical interest to you as a reader.

Affiliate Products

We use affiliate links because they're simple to include and they offer the reader the opportunity to take advantage of the product in question.  We've done the effort for researching to make it easy for readers to zero in on what meets their needs, so if the reader chooses to buy, we might receive a small compensation via the link. 

Of course, there is zero obligation for readers to click on the links, or to buy as well. 

Product Reviews

At times, we receive free copies of products to review or services to evaluate.   The ones we decide are valuable to our readers are the ones which will receive air time.

What We Will NOT Review

Having been around the block 23 times, we firmly believe that any "get rich quick" scheme is an insult to our reader's intelligence.  We refuse to consider such "opportunities"; you will never see them given the light of day on our site.

Got questions?  Ask them at our contact page – we'll respond asap.