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WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

Exploit Google’s Wonder Wheel for More Quality Free Niche Traffic

February 24, 2010 by Alec  
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Exploit Google's Wonder Wheel for More Quality Free Niche Traffic

  • An easy way to increase the flow of free traffic to your niche site

Sure, you know about Google and the Google search…but are you aware of the Google Wonder wheel?

It's a free ticket to find keyphrases for your site!

And it's easy to use too.

Let's say that your niche is chess…more particularly, you sell chess sets via affiliate links.

Go to Google and search for

When the results are returned, instead of patiently working your way through them, click on

Show Options

that's nearby the top of the page, next to Web.

Scroll down and click on

Wonder wheel

Look what you'll see.

Winder Wheel!

From 'chess sets', you can see that popular searches include

  • marble chess sets
  • staunton chess sets
  • magnetic chess sets

This is a very easy, quick effective way to gain a visual representation on what kinds of keywords/keyphrases you can target on your site…and thus bring more and more qualities visitors who want to buy to you.

More resources to assist you with the Wonder Wheel include:

If you're in need of ideas for profitable niche blogging topics, the Google Wonder Wheel can be your buddy.

Exploit Google's Wonder Wheel for More Quality Free Niche Traffic recap

The Google Wonder Wheel is a great handy resource.

  • Search for what you want to sell on your blog/site
  • View the Wonder Wheel
  • Add posts on those topics

Now get out there and write.

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