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WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

What Niche Authority Sites Have That You LACK…and How To Fix That Today

February 4, 2010 by Alec  
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What Niche Authority Sites Have That You LACK…and How To Fix That Today

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Authority niche sites have it made.

Did you know that?

They have it made because when people want to get information about that particular niche – they KNOW to go to that particular site.

They accomplish this by showcasing their niche knowledge where their customers gather.

In other words, they become active at niche forums and niche blogs and always sign their names with their signature tag.

This is a very simple and effective process to do and is something a smart person like you should have begun last month. 

An easy way to begin is to find niche forums where your customers post.  Boardtracker and Omgili are two forums search engines – you can search for your niche, visit the results and start building your name.

Let's say that your niche is chess.   You can search for

  • chess
  • chess community
  • chess discussion
  • chess moves

as well as use Google's search engine and search for

Find useful, niche forums, sign up, and begin sharing your knowledge.  After a few posts, you should be allowed to include your niche site in your signature, thus promoting not only your name but your site as well.

You can also use niche blogs for this purpose.

Many niche blogs will allow you to comment at them.  Search for and add niche blogs to your feed reader and then every day, start commenting (especially at those which have CommentLuv).  Make certain to add a catch phrase that relates to your niche as well; this will help with your search engine visibility.

Like I said at the beginning of this article – this is a very simple, easy and effective method to start building your authority.  But you have to carve out the time to make it yours.

What Niche Authority Sites Have That You LACK…and How To Fix That Today Recap

To become an authority, other people have to KNOW you as an authority.

  • Showcase your knowledge at niche forums/blogs
  • Find niche forums/blogs via Boardtracker
  • Comment intelligently every day

The more time you spend with this, the greater your reach will become.

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