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WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

Easily Autoupdate Your Facebook FAN PAGE with Your Twitter stream

January 27, 2010 by Alec  
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Facebook Fan PAge Twitter Updated

Easily autoupdate your facebook FAN PAGE with your twitter stream

  • How to sent tweets to your Fan Page instead of your Facebook profile page

Of course you have a Facebook profile. Right?

Well now, here's a question.  It's very easy to send your Tweets to your Facebook profile page – just check out:

Twitter to Facebook: 5 Ways to Post to Both

But here's the challenge. 

What if you want your updates to go to your Facebook Fan page instead of your profile page?

Think about it – what if you could AUTOMATICALLY have:

  • Special secrets tips sent directly to YOUR Facebook Fans (and nobody else, thus building up your Facebook Fan number)
  • Unique weekly or monthly promotions sent ONLY to your Facebook Fan page without you manually typing (thus creating a "set it and forget it" flow of value-added benefits to your Facebook Fans)
  • The auto-updating of ANYTHING with an RSS feed to your Facebook Fan Page
  • MORE

It takes some time and it takes some setup, but…

We've fine-tuned a rather streamlined process that does just that.

The benefits are most excellent indeed.  You can view our own fanpage over at

Marketing Steele Niche Marketing Revolution

You first have to become a fan prior to seeing the extra content, but once you have, you'll be given resources to our secret fan page that has all of the autoupdating implemented. 

And it's self-explanatory as well; everything is explained via actual screenshots like:

Find your RSS

Twitter Feed

If you're serious about niche marketing, you're going to want to learn this.  You'll be able to set up individual auto-updating niche Facebook Fan pages.  You can then use the techniques to generate quality content for virtually any type of niche marketing need.

And because it's an automatic updating process, it's a set it and forget it technique.

We've pulled together a 20 page workbook guide that explains in precise detail just how to achieve the above.  You're only limited by your imagination – you can set up multiple free Twitter accounts to handle various aspects of your niche and sub-niche marketing…and then turn them onto auto-pilot so everything works like clockwork, freeing you up the time to tackle other aspects of your niche marketing.

Order it now below; it will make your Facebook Fan Page marketing that much easier.

And of course it's backed by a 30 day guarantee.  Get it, use it, and you'll agree – the process shown here is worth its weight in gold.  We stand behind our products.

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