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WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

The most important rule of advanced Niche Marketing

November 18, 2009 by Alec  
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Niche Marketing

The Most Important Rule of Advanced Niche Marketing

  • Your Takeaway – Niche marketing involves dozens of components

The most imporant rule of advanced niche marketing is realizing:

Your list and authority are your most important components.

In other words, go deep within your niche but broad within your marketing.

Smart niche marketers generally start off very deep – instead of building a site on soccer, they focus on a specific team first, or professional soccer, or soccer trivia, etc.

However, smart niche marketers also realize:

Visitors mean profit, but generally not on the first day.

This means that smart niche marketers will also:

  • Invest in an autoresponder.  This enables them to grow a list. 
  • Offer a free report/eclass.  This gets visitors on their list
  • Offer a newsletter.  Ditto.  We call ours 'alerts' instead, because we find current deals for niche marketing.
  • Build an Amazon store.  Smart niche marketers get the most results from the least amount of work.  An Amazon niche store gives your visitors who are in the buying mood a great opportunity to spend their money as they want.  Here's ours
  • Become a niche authority.  People prefer to follow acknowledged leaders.  Become the authority in your niche and your reputation will grow.

There are a number of tools advanced niche marketers should consider.  We;re currently writing a brief white paper on that – you can reserve your own personal copy below.

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