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WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

Diet Niche Marketing – What Makes YOUR Site Better? Part 1

January 29, 2010 by Alec  
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Diet niche marketing – what makes YOUR site better?

Your Takeaway – some faqs to consider when focusing on the diet niche

Dieting is an evergreen market.
That means it will never.  EVER.  EVER go out of style.
Now, stupid niche marketers (not you!) would approach the diet niche with the idea that if they build it, torrents of [...]

Easily Autoupdate Your Facebook FAN PAGE with Your Twitter stream

January 27, 2010 by Alec  
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Easily autoupdate your facebook FAN PAGE with your twitter stream

How to sent tweets to your Fan Page instead of your Facebook profile page

Of course you have a Facebook profile. Right?
Well now, here's a question.  It's very easy to send your Tweets to your Facebook profile page – just check out:
Twitter to Facebook: 5 Ways to [...]

3 Ways to Generate Kick-Ass Niche eBook or Report Ideas

3 ways to generate kick-ass niche eBook or report ideas

Your Takeaway – 3 seldom-used ideas for niche ebooks

You want to make money in your niche.
Growing your niche list is one way to achieve this.
The easiest way to grow your list, of course, is to offer something valuable in exchange for people to sign up to [...]

6 Easy Steps To Tackle iPhone Niche Marketing (even if you’re mobile-phobic)

January 22, 2010 by Alec  
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How to tackle the iPhone niche (even if you're mobile-phobic)

Your Takeaway – a quick reference to key niche iPhone marketing resources

The world is moving to mobile.
Have you considered taking a big chomp of the iPhone niche yourself?
The fact is, more and more and more people are moving towards the mobile platform.  Indeed, you can accomplish [...]

How to Easily Find Instant 100% Immediate Commission Affiliate Niche Products To Promote Online

January 18, 2010 by Alec  
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How to easily find instant 100% immediate affiliate commission niche products to promote online

Your Takeaway – an easy search query you can use to increase your bottom line

One of the best ways to increase your spending money is to promote affiliate products that immediately pay you upon every sale.
In other words, you don't have to [...]

4 Reasons Why Sheeple Beg To Be Sheared (you should avoid at all costs)

January 13, 2010 by Alec  
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4 reasons why sheeple beg to be sheared (you should avoid at all costs)
You heard it here first.
Blindly following the slavering marketing pack because people tell you to…is sheer stupidity.
I'm not going to insult your intelligence because I know you're a savvy marketer.  But have you ever wondered just why some of your friends continuously [...]

Ignore at your own peril – 3 must-do activities for your business for 2010

3 must-do activities for your business for 2010

Your Takeaway – the list to ensure you're prepared to excel for 2010

Our 3 must-do activities for 2010 center upon the following key fact.
Screw social media "friends" – focus your efforts on the bottom line.
It's a sad fact of life that 80% of your success is derived from [...]