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WARNING: Unforgiving niche marketing dead ahead.

Ignore at your own peril – 3 must-do activities for your business for 2010

Must do niche marketing

3 must-do activities for your business for 2010

  • Your Takeaway – the list to ensure you're prepared to excel for 2010

Our 3 must-do activities for 2010 center upon the following key fact.

Screw social media "friends" – focus your efforts on the bottom line.

It's a sad fact of life that 80% of your success is derived from 20% of your effort.  So logical person that you are, you want to focus your time, money and effort on the actions that bring you closer to your goals (money, market share, security, etc.)

Take social media, for example.  If you listen to all the Twitter lovers, you would think that thousands of followers will increase your marketing bottom line.

Sure, it could.  And I could bench-press 830 pounds with zero training at all.  After all, I could.  But the probability of actually achieving that is slightly less than the probability of Tiger Woods becoming a sorrowful priest.

Don't get me wrong, of course. 

Social media has its place, of course; it's an excellent free way of showcasing your products, your offerings, your knowledge.

But it should NOT be your primary activity. 

Marketing your niche business to your visitors and converting them to customers should be your primary activity.

You're just one person; you have a limited amount of time to spare working on your business.  You want to make damned sure that "work" translates into "profit".  Case closed.

Here is our recommendations for doing just that.

3 must-do activities for your business for 2010

1.)  Change your main marking goal into 4 micro-goals.  Then commit to them.

It's tempting to declare to yourself, I shall obtain venture capital or I shall bring in $20,000 during the month of January or I shall finally fire that idiot who plays Minesweeper while she should be doing her job.

Ask yourself first – what's required beforehand for that action to take place?

If you want to fire someone, you need to first delegate the responsibilities (hire a replacement, spread out the work among your current employees, dissolve the position, etc.).

If you want to bring in 20K, and you're currently doing $5.92 per month, you need a reality check.  You wouldn't expect to destroy Tony Hawk in competitive skateboarding if you've only mastered riding a bike, correct?

Instead of making one enormous goal, break it down into 4 goals:

  • Small goal 1
  • Small goal 2
  • Small goal 3
  • Big goal

The first 3 goals (which are called "micro-goals") will provide you with critical stepping stones that will enable you to master the next challenge. 

will be useful for the above.  And no, you don't have to use 4 steps – some goals are achievable in 2 steps, others will require 391.  But if you approach them wisely, you'll have a far greater chance of grasping success.

2.)  Get rid of stupid worthless business marketing activities.

This article

Are You Selling Cars at a Boat Show?

describes it perfectly. 

Take a good hard look at your business marketing.  What are you doing that simply makes no sense?  Are you offering your quality material for free?  Stop that this instant – instead give a teaser away but for God's sake, value your offerings

Are you spending your effort cold-calling but have the vocal skills of a hoarse tomato?  Either learn how to cold call or drop that activity yesterday.  Some people take to cold-calling like Charlie Sheen takes to bullying women, others simply lack the balls to cold call effectively.  You need to acknowledge where your skills lie…and take steps to improve them if they are hurting your business instead.

Inc. Magazine Tips and Techniques for Cold Calling has a bunch of articles that can assist you in this area.

3.)  Make your business site work for you via autoresponders and building your list.

Our last activity is simple.  Very simple.  Painfully simple.  But most business people will miss it anyway.

You probably have invested in an autoresponder already to help build your list.  And you probably use that autoresponder to offer a newsletter.

Why are you content with just that?

Almost every autoresponder provider will offer you unlimited autoresponders.  Why on earth are you not using them?

You can use an autoresponder to:

  • Deliver an eclass
  • Send out white papers
  • Provide a reminding service
  • Send out a pre-launch signup

And that's only the tip of the Superbowl.

Plain and simple, you want to build your list at every possible moment someone is on your site.  You want an opportunity to brand your name and your services so when they finally are in a buying mood, you are the merchant they will consider first.

I promise you – commit to following these three simple activities above, and your 2010 will have a far greater chance of realizing your dreams than it does this right now. 


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